Berkman House is a 1930 craftsman ranch house in Austin, Texas. A location for music and film projects, as well as hosting visiting artists and helping them tour.

The building was acquired by its present owners, in a close to derelict condition, at a county bankruptcy auction. (It may have been moved to its current location, since it was once cut in half and had the roof cut off above the 2nd floor.)

As work continues, we have attempted to preserve the original features and acoustics of the structure. The building is comprised of three addresses and located 6 miles from downtown. It’s zoned ‘commercial/ mixed use’ by the city, with residential living and commercial production space.

Over the years we’ve had some lovely visitors including: John Fairhurst, Liz Green, The Miserable Rich, John Smith, Rose Dougall, Gloria Cycles, The Travelling Band, Skinny Lister and Coma.

While there’s obviously high demand during SXSW week, the space is available for film and music projects at various times.

If you would like to visit or want more information, please contact us at: info@berkmanhouse

John Fairhurst wrote his tune ‘Berkman House’ during his stay here.
Thanks again John, see you all soon!